T-Mobile Exclusive Dealer Program

T-Mobile Exclusive Program

Exclusive Dealer Program

T-Mobile Premier Retailer Program Overview

Owning a top carrier wireless store—and having all the latest popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy—is possible with T-Mobile’s Exclusive Dealer Program. Through our partnership with T-mobile, Ameritel is able to guarantee our dealers not only the latest inventory of the hottest cellular trends on consignment (you don’t need to buy it) but also a personal field representative who will provide you and your sales team with top tier training and ongoing support!

Did you know Exclusive T-Mobile Dealer can generate more revenue from more than one source?

Earn revenue through:

• High activation commission
• Upgrades
• Accessory sales
• Residuals
• And more!

Reasons to Open an Exclusive T-Mobile Store with Ameritel

T-Mobile Store
• Our exclusive dealers are constantly in the Top 10 on the Nationwide ranking among all other T-Mobile TPR stores
• Over 20 years of wireless experience as a wireless master agent
• Dedicated field reps for your business
• Dedicated training team that will be there for you!
• Consignment inventory benefits over $70,000 inventory at NO cost to you
• This allows us to build more locations more than anyone else- meaning more opportunity for you!

T-Mobile Retailer Benefits

T-Mobile Store

• Huge brand growth and activation opportunity
• T-Mobile Branding materials - GET A "T-MOBILE" SIGN - not a "T-Mobile Authorized Dealer" one
• Personalized training and education geared for success
• Real Estate site assistance. We will sign and negotiate the lease for you
• Low build-out costs

Qualifications to Become an Exclusive T-Mobile Dealer

T-Mobile Store
To be a part of the T-Mobile Premier Retailer Program retailers have the following qualifications:

• Have strong financial capabilities to open one or more locations
• Have a minimum $100k in liquid capital and $150k in net worth
• Show a commitment to consistent execution of a brand promise and store operation
• Can develop a business and marketing plan
• Possess a market-specific growth target over a specific time frame

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